Relationship Reading (For Couples Only)

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I have worked in the psychic field for the past seven years and have enjoyed every second of it. Building and creating connections excit ...

Whether you have been together for a long time or are in a relatively new relationship being part of a couple is not always easy. Many of us wait for love for a long time and when we finally get it, we perhaps imagine a ‘movie like’ experience – lots of fantastic communication, romantic gestures, real emotions, tactile contact and more…

But of course once the initial euphoria starts to cool off, the humdrum of life sometimes gets in the way, and the romance can quickly be drowned out by work schedules, petty arguments – like whose turn it is to take the rubbish out, or squabbles over money, lifestyle choices, friends etc.

I can help you bring the love and vivacity back into your relationship. 

Information needed from You

I will need both parties name and Date of Birth. Please included any important information. Remember to be open and honest with me about your situation.

Looking forward to assisting you!

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