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Hi! My name is Missy and I'm a Psychic Medium, Tarot & Oracle Card Reader and Reverend. I have had my abilities from a very young a ...

My Tarot and Oracle Card reading prices are a flat rate, though I do offer several different services in this area. You can choose the one question reading and this is usually a 3 card spread for $10 USD. I also offer larger readings such as relationship, work, larger decision questions using a larger spread and these are $30 USD each. Then I have a 9 card Lenormand Oracle card spread and this is a very in-depth reading and this goes for $40 USD. The 9 card spread is used when you're looking for direction in several aspects of your life. All of these readings are done within a 24 hour period. Then there is the Grand Tableau! This is done using one of my Lenormand Oracle card decks and it consists of using all 36 cards and it is an incredibly in depth reading that can be used for the coming week, month or year. It can also be used when making a life decision. Since this reading takes much more time for me to read, I ask for a ONE WEEK turnaround time and the cost is $150.00 USD.

Information needed from You

I will need your first and last name, the full name of person you're inquiring about in regard to a relationship and I will also need your exact question.

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The cost of the service
63,35 USD
size — 1 page
The deadline — 1 day
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* If the service falls within the promotional period, the period of its performance may increase up to 1-2 days

* * To make an order the prior voice consultationis required. it is charged separately (10 min).

An example of the service provided

I used my Ceccoli Tarot and the Relationship spread for your reading. The 6 cards are read in order from upper left to lower right. Your question was: What is the likely future for a relationship between "X" and myself? 

You received the following cards:

1- Your card - 5 of Wands

2 - "X" card - Judgement

3 - Connection card - The Devil

4 - Strength card - 5 of Swords

5 - Weakness card - 9 of Wands

6 - True Love card - 2 of Swords

You needs to maintain a calm, balanced head over this situation. "X" seems to have had an “awakening” of sorts. The connection between the two of you has been one of “patterns” - possibly wanting the person you’re with to be “The One” and trying to force it, even when you know it isn’t. The strength in this relationship was actually deceitful in nature, someone wasn’t playing fair but the other was blind to it. The blind one is who kept the relationship going. The weakness is that one person was “biding their time” waiting for the “right time” to leave. A true love situation holds possible danger or failure. You could use caution and vigilance, but the outcome for a successful union isn’t favorable. 

The cost of the service 63,35 USD