Public agreement


1. General information and definitions

The platform Askato the Askato Media LP, Exchange Place 2, Edinburgh, EH3 8BL, United Kingdom, will work exclusively on the basis of these general terms and conditions. The terms and conditions regulate the business relationship between Askato and users, and consultants. The term "User" is any person who logs on Askato and can create an account in order to use the services that are offered. The term "Consultant" is an independent expert on Askato, which takes advantage of the content, services, and users, paying or not, that is provided by Askato according to the conditions defined by Askato. These conditions indicate, among other things, that it is strictly forbidden to Consultants to divert Users of the platform Askato.

2. Object of the activity of Askato and responsibility for the content.

The object of the activity of Askato is the provision of a platform in order to exchange information between Users and independent Consultants, presented by Askato. The Users are quickly informed of the fact that the principle and effects of the advice received are not guaranteed, expert is not recognized as an exact professional. The results are also dependent on an inner conviction, faith, relevant, or irrational, not always understandable by third parties and is dependent also of the attitude and reactions of the User.

The contact is done through the media, the internet and the ways of normal communication. Askato is not responsible for the content of the information provided. Askato puts in contact Users and Consultants and is not legally responsible for the resulting relation. Askato is not able to verify the identity and/or the ability of the Users. The Users decide under their own responsibility for how they are going to follow the advice given; nor Askato or Councillors do not have the slightest influence on the decisions of Users and their consequences. No information and no advice provided by the Consultants are not a substitute for professional advice and guidances given to us by the Consultants are only for information purposes and in the context of entertainment. Askato does not take any responsibility for what is said, reported, advised and taught on its platform. Askato is exclusively a service provider. The content of the information data is under the responsibility of the Consultants. Askato may complement or limit the range of subjects, including information and services provided by the Consultants.

Askato is continually watching an appropriate technique operating and is not responsible for any failures. The Users and Advisors are not entitled to mediation on the part of Askato, they use the platform at their own risk. Askato declines any responsibility in case of loss of data or damage to it arising from the access to the data on the platform, to the extent that this has not been caused intentionally or by gross negligence. For defects, errors, delays and other barriers to performance that may occur in the transmission of content over the Internet, Askato is not responsible, unless they are the responsibility of Askato or one of his assistants. Askato has no effect on the transmission of data through the Internet and therefore cannot accept the responsibility for their access and availability on the Internet. Askato does not guarantee the authenticity of the identity of Users, and Consultants to, any liability is therefore excluded.

3. Terms of use

The Users undertake to use the services offered by Askato only in a legal manner. It is forbidden to share or offer any content, provide or encourage its dissemination, retrieve, or advertise any such content, or refer and promote any type of violence and threats are a criminal offence. It is prohibited to show or distribute pornographic content or violent content that violate professional ethics, or contrary to law or morality.

Askato reserves the right to decide freely on the publication or the reduction of rates and percentages. In addition, it is prohibited for Consultants to talk by chat and/or email of his own income or to distribute hyperlinks of a third party or relating to its own activities, if they lead to Internet sites providing similar content to the services broadcast on Askato or illegal. It is also prohibited to:

  • Accept the content or an offer that violates the copyright or other rights of third parties (trademarks, designs and models, patents, etc...),
  • To make copies or to attack (or attempt to) the online platform or with the server in the network,
  • Leave a comment to one’s own profile,
  • To harass people in any manner whatsoever, to threaten, to insult, to slander, spread lies or critical and abusive, as well as to make statements that are anti-competitive and cause nuisance in any manner whatsoever,
  • To transmit computer viruses or similar which are likely or intended to destroy the hardware, software, data or files Askato,
  • To edit or collect data from people who use the online platform to store, modify, transmit, or otherwise use,
  • Establish pre-registration on the online platform under false pretenses,
  • To poach Users and/or Consultants who use the platform on-line, for their bid or offer to a third party,
  • To use the online platform as an advertising medium to the clear intent of the sale or the promotion of other content, products or services and those associated with Askato,
  • To reproduce the retrieved content, in whole or in part, permanently store, in any form whatsoever, to distribute, reproduce or use in any manner other than the agreed purpose.

Violations of these prohibitions will result in immediate blocking of the access to the platform Askato, up to and including termination of the account. Askato reserves the right to enforce its rights, including legally and financially, in the face of the User and/or to the Consultant in accordance with the offences committed.

The User Askato must have reached the age of legal majority and enjoy all the rights and faculties to access the platform. Each User may only register once and must provide accurate data to Askato.

Registration is required and correct information is necessary for the proper execution of the contract by Askato. After acceptance of the application for registration by Askato the User Agreement becomes effective. The registration is free of charge for the Users.

By entering their data in the context of the new application on the Internet and the acceptance of these data by Askato, the User accepts these terms and conditions. They are, therefore, even without reference to be made and before any other online transaction that would come eventually after, the financial foundation of all other operations performed by the User with the login data that it has received notice from Askato. The User identification information (User name and password) must be kept secret; it is responsible for the changes made in case of access by other Users. The disclosure of access to other Users is strictly prohibited. In the event of loss of access, the User shall immediately inform Askato to block any attempt of use of usernames and passwords. This is also valid in case of improper handling of access codes.

The User is required to ensure substantial changes to its data (address, first name, address, telephone number, e-mail address) and inform directly Askato to optimize the services of the platform and its Consultants.

The User undertakes to comply with section 3. "The prohibitions and rules of use specified", in particular as regards the recovery and the distribution of illegal content. The User is responsible for misuse of the services, violation of these terms and conditions and any other action to be misused. It also undertakes to pay the necessary expenses for the damage caused by the co-users or unauthorized use, to the extent where he is responsible for this use. It is also responsible for any claims made by third parties due to the behaviour of the User for violation of their rights, and in the framework of this contract, the User releases Askato of all responsibility. This includes the cost of prosecution or legal defence. The User releases Askato any and all claims of third parties towards him.

The Consultants offer their detailed services. They must be competent in the field concerned and in a position to provide information and advice sincerely, thanks to their gifts and experience. They undertake to respond to Users with full concentration.

4. Rights of to refuse (to commit) transactions

The User may use his right of retraction within 7 days only in the case where he would have transferred money to his account and did not use them The request may be made by e-mail or by mail to the address indicated in the Imprint. Outside of the application of this Law, the possibility for the User to terminate his contract of use remains unchanged.

5. Costs and remuneration

The benefits of Askato are numerous. The prices are set. The costs depend on choice of mode of payment from the User, or debited from his bank account or his credit card. The data required for this purpose shall be notified to Askato by the user before the User uses the services. The payment of the services is debited to the account of the User on Askato at the time of ordering the service or directly after.

The Consultants work as self-employed on Askato and leave it up to the platform of the care claim payment of the services they offer to Users. Askato retains the share and reverse the compensation due to the Consultants on the due date in the contract. The expenses inherent in the work of the Consultants: computer, internet, phone and other are not taken into account by Askato. Askato has the authority to modify the contract with respect to, among other things, the percentage paid to Consultants.

6. Rights of use

Askato is authorized to use the photographic material posted by experts as well as their texts, without restriction, in the framework of the contract that binds the Consultants to the platform. This right extends to the pre-oral contract that starts as soon as the texts and photos are delivered to Askato and extends beyond the end of the contract and the end of the work of the Consultants on Askato. The Consultants allow Askato to post the material and to use it in any other way.

7. Duration and termination

The duration of the contract binding the Consultant to Askato is indeterminate. The agreement may be terminated at any time by both parties by giving written notice of termination and this, without giving reasons, - by e-mail. In the case of a material breach Askato may pronounce the termination as an extraordinary termination with immediate effects.

8. Privacy policy

Askato shall ensure that the provisions of the law on data protection are respected. All the data collected by Askato during the registration process and during the use of the services is collected, stored and used exclusively for the purposes of the execution of the contract and for billing purposes, unless a consent has been expressly given by the User or the Consultant for a more extensive use. This excluded the anonymous profiles. The data is not shared except in the following cases:

  • The transmission service providers payment data and accounts in the amount of time required for the billing for the duration of the payment process,
  • The transfer of data to law enforcement agencies of the law in the pursuit of overriding public interest or in the case of investigation of a potential crime, a crime or a serious crime possible, and in case of violation of other rights, including the copyrights, etc...

Askato has the right to make the data necessary for the execution of the scope of the contract available to third parties through the platform. This is particularly true for information on Consultants, to the extent that they only appear under their nicknames. Consent to use of data in the extent filed here may be questioned at any time with effect for the future after discussion with Askato, which may eventually lead to a termination of the contract.

9. Cookies

To make the visit of our website attractive and to enable certain functions, we use different cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device. The cookies do not contain personal information. Some of the cookies we use are deleted after the end of the browser session, so once you close your browser, they are deleted. These are session cookies. Other cookies remain on your device to facilitate your browsing during your next visit to the site. These are persistent cookies. You can configure your browser to be informed about the use of cookies and decide individually about their acceptance or exclude the acceptance of cookies in certain cases or in general. In the case of non - acceptance of cookies the functionality of our website may be limited.

10. Final provisions

The Company is of british law. Any dispute arising between Askato and Users or Consultants will be settled amicably and only in the case where no solutions would be found, the competent court to settle any dispute arising out of this agreement shall be the Court of Edinburgh, United Kingdom.