One Question with the Tarot Cards

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Expert's services Psychic Malcolm

Malcolm is One of Great Britain’s most Gifted & Talented & Professional / Medium around to day with a Wealth of Skills & K ...

Are you looking for Guidance & Reassurance on your Current Life Changing Situation Currently! 

A Mini  Reading with you the Option &  Guidance & Reassurance on that life Changing Situation   

1st Tarot Card Is Regarding your Past Life!   

This first Card. would tell you of past issues that could be affecting the way you look at your current situation! Which can under mind the outcome of you moving forward?

2ndTarot Card, is Regarding to our Present Situation!

Regarding your current card Present and what is giving you all the fear and why are you asking this question today!

3rd Tarot Card is the Future and the outlook of how this could pan out for you in the coming days week and months etc.

I can Use the 22 Major Life changing cards or the Full pack! You can make that choice when you order this Service

Psychic Malcolm

Infinity Only with Malcolm

Gives you the Best of Both World / Past & Present

Information needed from You

Your Question that's Concerns you Now!
If a Relationship Question then the Name & date of Birth for both of you!
And of Course Your Question.
Like all Reading
You have the Free Will at the End of any Reading!
To Choose your Pathway

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