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Reading and healing sessions to positively impact your life and the path before you.

I will bring you messages of the future and answer any questions you may have. I just ask that you don't ask any pregnancy or health information. I am not a doctor or Medical Intuitive. I would love to tell you what I see in your future! I can even read about the past and the present. I would love to be the one you pick for your future readings. I have always been very accurate in my readings.

Information needed from You

Photo of you if possible, if not a link to a photo of you. No profiles, all I need is your photo.
If you don't have a photo please give me your full name and date of birth, just month and date, no year is needed.
The cost of the service
size — 20 minutes
The deadline — 2 days
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* If the service falls within the promotional period, the period of its performance may increase up to 1-2 days

* * To make an order the prior voice consultationis required. it is charged separately (10 min).

An example of the service provided

Lisa: So the first thing I am seeing is a book of writing. Do you try to communicate with people on the other side, I am feeling this is a way that you should try and do this. Writing down what you feel you need to communicate to this person. I feel it will help you if you are not already doing it.

Danielle: I bought journals to write things down such as dreams, feelings etc. I have tried to communicate with some people and guides but more by thought or talking out loud.

Lisa: Yes, I will take that as my sign do the writing thing in whatever it is you feel you need to be doing it. I was shown the book of writing for you to be doing it to move forward with it in whatever feels comfortable.

Danielle: Ok. Makes sense!

Lisa: Are you having job troubles? Thoughts of changing jobs? I'm not even sure if you're working now but I feel a sense of Oh my God things are not ok now and then I see a path and it eases so things ease out. So I'm not sure if it's something currently happening or something from the past or future.

Danielle: Oh, that's happening now! Want to change things as far as a career. Want to follow what I feel I'm supposed to be doing etc.

Lisa: Well, I'm not picking up on what you are wanting as far as a career but I feel that it will be a positive change and something you should do. Follow your heart that's always the best option.

Danielle: For sure

Lisa: I keep seeing a camera.. do you like photography

Danielle: LOVE IT!

Lisa: I'm wondering if that isn't connected to what you should be doing since I saw it during and after our convo of career talk. have you thought about it as a career?

Danielle: I wanted to major in that in college but never followed through. I love taking pictures though. The career path I'm thinking isn't photography related though. But hmmm!!! Haha.

Lisa: Well I would highly consider it I'm usually shown these images for a reason. So I think that it should be something to really really think about.

Danielle: I will think about that for sure.

Lisa: Water... the beach is what I see have you had any time for a vacation lately? I feel you need some time to draw back and relax and take some time.

Danielle: I certainly always want to take a vacation and chill by a beach. I always feel like I need to draw back and take some time to chill with my thoughts and such. Every time I think of a vacation I think, ocean!

Lisa: That's probably why I tuned into the beach it's where you want to be. I know it's probably hard to do especially now that summer is over but try to schedule a time to go. Your soul needs it! It really does.

Danielle: May I ask why you say my soul needs it? If you pick up on that that is.

Lisa: Because your soul is who you are. Your soul is most at home at the beach you are just naturally drawn to the ocean.

Danielle: Yep and sadly I'm far from the ocean. I always feel great when there though. Interesting!

Lisa: Also are you drinking enough water? I'm feeling maybe you need to be drinking more. Yes! You need to try and get there! Consider it a need not a want.

Danielle: I am sure I don't drink enough water.

Lisa:  I was pretty sure on that too! But, well I don't like to just come out and say it. It would help you immensely if you would drink more and your body won't feel so tired.

Danielle: I am always tired! No matter how much sleep I get! Drained.

Lisa: I was the same way. I drink water with crystal light for flavor. A world of difference.I am slowing down lol images aren't really popping up for me... do you like helping people? I feel and see you as a healer?

Danielle: Yes! I don't know if you might pick up on if a person has abilities but I have always been the natural helper/therapist etc. empath stuff I believe but always go back and forth with it. Funny you mentioned healing as Reiki is the career switch I would like tWow, that's amazing!! First yes I can pick up on abilities which is why I say you're a healer. I didn't pick up the empathic abilities but I can't pick up everything. I too am empathic, all you have mentioned fits together. Being a healer and going into Reiki is awesome that would be an amazing career choice for you!o do. As well as incorporating other natural type healing modalities.

Lisa: Wow, that's amazing!! First yes I can pick up on abilities which is why I say you're a healer. I didn't pick up the empathic abilities but I can't pick up everything. I too am empathic, all you have mentioned fits together. Being a healer and going into Reiki is awesome that would be an amazing career choice for you!

Danielle: Ok. That makes sense. I have been trying to have, I guess I'll call it deeper communication with any guides I might have. That's been something I've been working on a lot and trying to understand when they are communicating with me so to speak. I have been able to decipher at times what is me and what is not me if that makes any sense. Hearing things but in my head. Not my ears??

Lisa: Yes, sometimes you will hear your own voice as what others are telling you. Listen to it. that's how I started. write down the things you get.. or anything you feel might be a psychic premonition etc.. see if they come true. you guide will always give you signs usually with numbers!!

Danielle: Yep, always in my own voice. I think that's why I didn't understand what was happening for so long. That's also why I have been wanting to keep journals to see if the things that I hear and feel do happen. I have had a lot of times that have been completely like, wow! I just need to trust myself more as well and stop thinking that maybe I'm just crazy. I'm trying to pay more attention to visual stuff as well.

Lisa: Yes! I understand that totally because I went through it all! A lot of the words I hear are in my own voice but I know they are not "mine" Keep practicing, writing, trusting, believing, affirm, etc

Danielle:  I will for sure!! Awesome! Thank you so very much! You were really spot on with almost everything really! Makes me wonder thank you that means a lot to me! Sharing me page and recommending me is always helpful! Haha maybe that is it ride that horse on the beach! If you need any help either on developing your gifts let me know! I'm willing to help!

Lisa: You're welcome what the horses can mean!?? I would love to recommend you. I'll do anything to help you out in any way. Share your page? Let me know! You are so very kind to have taken the time to this! Me riding a horse on the beach! Must happen! Haha!

Danielle: I would love that! I will pay you girl! I really want to develop more! Thank you so very much! And it's my pleasure to help you out however I can. You have an amazing gift! ❤️

Lisa: No need to pay me! I know what it was like to be in your spot too! And thanks that means a lot to me!

Danielle: You're awesome! Maybe we can chat soon?

Lisa:Yes for sure, let's chat soon! It was nice reading for you have a great day much love!

The cost of the service 5 USD