Elementals Connection

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Allow me to share with you Wisdoms collected from all of these lives of mine

This guided meditation is intended to whoever already believe at least a little bit. I do not need to convince you they are real, I am here to feed your curiosity over why do you keep thinking they might be real or not; or to confirm your connection with them.

Elementals are the Spirits connected to different realms of Gaia, even though they can also be Cosmic level. For example, Fairies aid the world of Plants, so they would take care of forests, fields, even your own garden. If there is something green and there is Love, they will be there either you see them or not, believe or not, but you wont feel them until you acknowledge them. 

  • Some examples:

  • Dragons - Hands On Missions
  • Unicorns - Inner Child Healing
  • Fairies - Fantasy and Greenery
  • Gnomes - Deep into Earth
  • Mermaids - Water muses
  • Sasquatch - Rediscovering our Physical/Spirit connection 

And many more!! Who would come forward for you? Or who would YOU like to call?

Information needed from You

Since this would be a guided meditation, the first five minutes we would talk about your expertise level for me to adapt to your needs. No previous experience necessary. I will guide you according to what we talk in the beginning of our meeting.
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