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Horary is a beautiful art that allows a single question to be asked without the need for a birth time. Horary can accurately tell you where missing objects, pets, and people are, if you should marry a certain person, which job to take, which home or car to buy, and any other question you can think of with stunning accuracy!

Should I ask for a raise? Will my boss say yes?

Will this person ask me to marry them?

Should I marry this person?

Where is my lost dog?

Is my brother-in-law having an affair?

Which car/house should I buy?

Should I open a new business location?

Should I take the job offer?

Is my girlfriend pregnant?

Who will get the kids in the divorce?

Where is my wallet?

Will the surgery be successful?

Should I sell my house now, or wait?

Is this person telling me the truth?

Who broke my car window?

Should I sell/buy this stock?

Is it safe for me to go on this trip?

Where is the missing person?

Is my mom safe?

Should I hire this person?

Should I fire this person?

Should we put dad in a retirement home?

Can I trust the vets diagnosis?

Will the Baltimore Ravens make it to the playoffs?

Why isn’t my husband returning my calls? Is he OK?

Should I gamble at Casino A or Casino B?

What does my father-in-law think about me?

Will I win in court? Do I need a new lawyer?

Will I be evicted?

Where is this relationship going?

Will my nephew pay back the loan? Do I need to take him to court?

Will I have children?

Will they put the child up for adoption?

Information needed from You

A single clear and concise question. If asking about a romantic partner please explain if you live with them and how long you have have dated.

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An example of the service provided

Dear Ms. Elizabeth,

              Upon review of the horary chart it appears that your boyfriend has not been cheating on you. His mental absence has been due to distressing news he recently received from his employer. It appears that he is concerned about his job. When looking at where it was last weekend, he was clearly in a place approximately 15 miles north east of your location in a restaurant with several friends. There was another woman there who flirted with him, though he was not unfaithful. She seems to be connected with one of his sibling. It appears as though this sibling has known this woman for a while, but she is not a threat. The applying Venus conjunct Jupiter indicates that he is likely to continue being distant until this aspects perfects. You can look forward to a clear conversation with him in 4 days once he has processed his career direction.  Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions.

Bright Blessings,


The cost of the service 38 USD