Ritual of the five lighted candles to come back your former in your relationship.

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I am 'Psychic Daniel' are here to help you, with my psychic gift and my innate ability increased over time since the age of eighteen so ...

Ritual of the five lighted candles to return your ex in your relationship - it is a white magic that is performed during the waning moon, your ex-partner is made or a photo you are portrayed all and two. The return of love ritual will last for seven days but can also be continued for another week. If you feel you need help and can use this ritual, feel free to contact me!

Information needed from You

For the ritual of return in love I need these data:
1) Your name and surname.
2) Your date of birth.
3) The name of the place, country and country where you live.

4) The name and surname of your ex-partner.
5) His/Her date of birth.

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The cost of the service
300 USD
size — 2 pages
The deadline — 1 week
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* If the service falls within the promotional period, the period of its performance may increase up to 1-2 days

* * To make an order the prior voice consultationis required. it is charged separately (10 min).

An example of the service provided

The ritual he has done for you is the fugitive I will be able to send you images that make the ritual and esoteric work for the return in love of your former partner. Remember that you need to have all the possible information of your former partner and support one or two photos as you have been of good quality. 

Thank you if you want to rely on my ritualistic practices.

The cost of the service 300 USD