Agreement - This Agreement (hereinafter Referred to as "Services Agreement") Governs the relationship entre ASKATO MEDIA LP, with registered address at18/2 Royston Mains Street, Edinburgh, EH5 1LB, (hereinafter Referred to as "Website Operator") and the services renderers (hereinafter Referred to as the "Service Renderer", "me", "I" or "Chat Host").

Services Agreement - By filling out and submitting the sign-up form, and clicking on the button „I have read, understood, and accept the present Services Agreement”, the Service Renderer gives its consent to and accept the following Services Agreement:

1. Purpose

By means of the present Services Agreement, I expressly agree to render services as a Chat Host on website www.askato.com and Chat Host programs promoted by WEBSITE OPERATOR and its affiliates, which currently manages a business to consumer (B2C) - interactive live streaming video chat site (based on the one available at www.askato.com).

In accordance with the terms and conditions of this Service Agreement, the Services I need to provide as a consultant by chat are recreational in nature to provide entertainment by webcam on different interests and chat with customers around the world the following: video chat online - group performance offered to members on a pay site, and private consultation sessions usually paid on sight (hereinafter referred to as "Services"). The Service Provider undertakes not to offer content of a sexual or illegal (defamatory, abusive, racist, threatening, abusive, etc ...) or to allow access to the site content to minors who it is forbidden, as it provides the Services defined in this Services Agreement.

The proposed Services based on experience as part of a social community (or users) that interacts on www.askato.com/ website. Services these do not correspond to qualified advice or qualified answers whatever the areas covered by www.askato.com. To increase the quality of Services mentioned, I was allowed to use the support desk available to me by the website operator and its affiliates as often as necessary.

I hereby certify that the website operator has no managerial authority, subordination or any other sort of authority over me. In effect, this Services Agreement is not my place of work or schedule. The website operator does not provide me the contents of my legal services because I know that as Service Provider I have to stay within the law and the general conditions of this Agreement.

I hereby certify that I have read and understood the terms and conditions of the sites which are applicable to Members of the sites and understand the quality requirements that are defined in these terms and conditions. If I have any questions about thereof understanding I can contact the websites operator via the contact addresses given in this Services Agreement.

Chat Hosts May render services in one of the areas / categories available on the website www.askato.com, they are subject to change without prior warning from WEBSITE OPERATOR, with respect to standard requirements related to the website environment and experience Intended by www.askato.com

I will provide Services with independence and technical autonomy. I am totally responsible for my actions, videos, chats, audio dialogues, instruction videos and tips. As a responsible adult and consenting, decisions on the content of my actions as a consultant chats are taken by my sole fact and to my discretion.

Despite what is said above, I act according to this Convention Services as a professional when I provide Services, however Services provided should not be seen as being certified by public authorities or recognized by a diploma official. It is my duty to keep users informed of this fact. I understand that I am in no way an employee of the Websites Operator and / or any entity whatsoever in relation to the web sites operator.

I hereby declare that according to this Convention Services, I will provide high quality Services, I will not give a false or misleading information to site members and I will always act in an honest and professional manner.

2. Terms

The Services Agreement will commence on the day the Service Provider will fit on the site and will accept this Services Agreement by clicking "I agree, I understand and I accept this Convention Services" (agree, Understand and I accept Services Agreement ") and will remain valid and ongoing until either party terminates it in total agreement with how to define this present Convention Services

3. Compensation

I understand that the amount to be paid for services provided in accordance with this Convention Services, will be determined according to the rules defined below.

I agree with the Websites operator to say that the amounts will myself paid for my services provided on sites vary with the payment options I would choose (ie per-minute that I will choose me -even and will be paid by visitors to the web sites of Operator Services for that I will propose to the sites).

I understand and agree that the amounts paid by myself will Websites operator will match a certain percentage (varying according to the type of performance) of the chosen payment option (ie a certain percentage of the price paid the website operator by site visitors) as described above. These percentages and payment options will be posted on my account registration and / or my sales page (I can check before performance). I understand and agree that site visitors are the Website Operator customers, not mine.

I understand and agree that fractional payment amounts will not be paid to me. Consequently payments will be made based on round numbers ignoring cents, EUR. The payments owed me will be paid by transfer, Payoneer, check or other payment means proposed and selected by www.askato.com.

I acknowledge and accept that as the price to be paid for my services might be reduced proportionately and precisely for improper conduct in violation of this Services Agreement and / or legislation.

The price per minute paid by visitors, which also form the basis of calculation of my compensation as described above, are subject to change at the discretion of the Website Operator after having informed me.

I hereby agree that I shall bear sole responsibility for payment of any applicable, income or other taxes on any fees paid to me by any Client.

4. Declarations

I understand and agree that sites (including www.askato.com) and chat by Consultants programs are only used for entertainment, exchange of personal experiences and chat, and are not intended that 'enrichment and personal development of individuals and for their leisure, exclusively through personal experiences, personal opinion and suggestions offered mainly by the Consultants by chat to registrants.

I understand and agree that the Website Operator shall not be held liable jointly or alone, for any content, information, communication, opinion, expression, and / or action of any kind that would come to a user of the Services or any other person or third party external to the present Convention Services.

I acknowledge to be aware of my civil and accordingly I am committed to act in all circumstances in accordance with moral standards and laws of my community. I further certify not to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and I speak and / or I appear in the video and in my apparitions of my free will and freedom.

I understand and agree that if the website operator and / or any other entity designated by him, suspect me of having provided the prohibited content, my account will be immediately suspended to allow searches and this could turn full closing my account and pay, deduction and / or refusal to pay the web site operator to me.

5. Personal Information

By clicking on the button "I have read, understood and accepted this Services Agreement" I hereby certify that I have over 18 years (21 years in some regions where 18 is not the legal age the majority), and I have reached the age of majority under the laws of my jurisdiction, I have not and will not give false identity information and / or documents to the Website Operator . Therefore I certify the authenticity of all my personal information data to the website operator (including names, addresses, No. ID, date and place of birth).

I authorize the operator to check all my information website, at random, and with all means possible. However I know that this is not an obligation of the website operator to do this kind of verification, and these entities can not be held responsible, alone or together, in case I have provided false information personal to the website operator.

I understand and hereby agree that the website operator has the right, directly and unilaterally terminate this Convention Services in case of any suspicion of fraud, improper or inappropriate conduct or false statements.

I also acknowledge the right of Website Operator and / or to any entity designated by him, to be fully compensated for any damage caused by my inappropriate conduct or my failure to do this Services Agreement.

I also authorize the Website Operator, during the validity of the present Convention and Services after the closing thereof, to answer any official questions, to convey my personal information (including sensitive issues such as those to pertaining to my religious or political beliefs, my sex life etc ...) I could provide the Website Operator Services pursuant to this Convention, as well as my technical information related to my connections on sites web managed by the website operator and / or any entity that would designate, in accordance with the laws regarding the protection of privacy.

I authorize the Operator of Website and / or any entity it designates, to obtain and automatically maintain information about my computer used to connect to the websites managed by the website operator and / or any entity that would designate (including cookies).

Hereby, I authorize the Site Operator to obtain, use, communicate its subsidiaries and processors, including processors located in countries not providing a level of protection complies with the rules of the European Commission, the type following information (including intimate details as stated in the regulations concerning personal information):

Information I voluntarily gives the website operator such names, email addresses, addresses, dates of birth, and other information on various data the Service Provider Registration Form;

Attributes programs (software and hardware) as well as other information can be obtainer on internet such as browser type, IP address, etc ...;
private communications, such as telephone conversations, chats, faxes, letters sent teams to the website operator. The website operator keeps copies of chats for a limited time.

The website operator will use my personal information for general reasons such as account management, contact with me, the organization of sites on which I provide services, and for reasons of promotion and marketing, to the extent permitted by law.

I acknowledge having been informed that the Websites Operator gives its full cooperation to authorities and meets the demands of justice. I was also informed that the website operator keeps the information electronically for use within the framework of this Convention Services for the proper management of the sites and the public utility.

Moreover, I was informed that the websites operator shall take all necessary measures to protect personal information from unauthorized access, copying, publication or theft. In addition to his personal safety programs, the website operator also incorporates the most effective security technologies on the market to ensure maximum safety, including an integrated technology system captcha.

I am aware and agree that the Websites operator keeps information on the computer used to enter the sites accounts (location, IP address, browser passwords) and even guard the entry attempts on the sites.

The website operator assures me that its employees are bound by a confidentiality agreement and that only authorized personnel have access to my personal information used by the website operator.

I know I can get a copy of all my personal information used by the website operator and request correction of any incorrect information by sending a written request to the contact mentioned in this Services Agreement and the indication of mail address to which the information should be sent. If I want to oppose the use of my personal information I can to end this Service Agreement at any time under the conditions outlined in this document.

Hereby, I declare not to hold the website operator liable in case I decide to exercise my right to information cited above and more if my personal information be lost or subject to unauthorized access.

6. Copyright

I authorize the website operator to monitor, record and verify my activities totes (including chats, videos, emails, etc ...) on sites (including).

I know and agree that any recorded material or any original work that I will do during this Services Agreement (and all the rights arising, including without limitation the copyright on these works and recordings) are proprietary and will be property of the website operator.

I hereby convey and gives finally and irrevocably to the website operator who accepts, without any compensation except the payments I receive for my services rendered under this Convention Services, all existing rights and future brands manufacturing, service marks, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights, or any portion thereof, of all kinds and shapes, for the period of validity of such intellectual property rights including any renewals or extensions, worldwide, in connection with the results, content and followed my appearances (including all appearances already made to date) on sites managed by the website operator and / or any affiliate or dependent, and all video, audio, chats, dialogues, actions, educational videos, tips, part of the Services provided, including renewals, extensions of all intellectual property in case they would be considered as such by an authority or Justice . In this case, the website operator would be considered, in all forms, as the author / owner of the rights arising thereof.

The website operator may also use and re-use, publish, distribute, edit, extract, expose and exploit anyway my name (real or fictional), appearance, nobody, performance, voice, image, chat, video, audio, information and biological identity and statements for any purpose, in whole or in part, in all media and in all ways known to date and future, in the universe, without limitation, including in connection with advertising, operation and marketing.

The website operator may edit my appearance (and my appearances) as he wishes (I waive all moral rights that I may have) and I understand that it is not obliged to use my appearance and my apparitions. We can shoot photos or videos of my appearances in all ways and means, and I allow the website operator and its successors, licensees and other persons designated to use these pictures without any additional payment to my profit, in printed publications, digital or online, on CD or other media without restrictions.

I allow the website operator and its successors, licensees and other persons designated to use photographs that I would have taken myself (via webcam or other way) and put them on sites managed by the website operator without any additional payment for my benefit, in printed publications, digital or online, on CD or other media without restrictions.

I hereby waive any additional financial compensation for all rights, assigned, transferred or assigned to the Website Operator under the present Service Agreement.

The website operator reserves the right to transfer or assign the rights mentioned above in its group of companies or other people if necessary.

7. Duties

I undertake to provide in writing to the website operator, any changes to my information, within five (5) days of said changes.

I also undertake to own and use my own financial burden necessary instruments (including hardware) required to provide optimum quality of the services defined in this Services Agreement.

I will not Provide Any defamatory, abusive, Threatening, racially offensive, or illegal material as a Chat Host. I will not solicit or take hand in anything related to escort services or prostitution, and I am fully aware of my criminal liability in Such boxes.

Hereby I certify That I `shall not render services on www.askato.com under the influences of alcohol or narcotic Any substance.

I hereby undertake not to have any physical contact with members of the websites or to organize meetings with them in any manner whatsoever, nor have other contacts than I have in line in the Services connected with this Services Agreement.

I promise to take my physical surroundings any trademark or object in an intellectual property of a third party, and to stick to legal obligations (including those concerned with copyright) to all times, avoiding the prohibited use of brands, products, images, pictures, and / or music recorded as third party properties.

I will not seek nor will offer, buy, sell or propose commercial deal, transaction, exchange, sale, or any economic transaction users because I know that the website operator's forbidden me.

I undertake to make back-up copies of the information on my online account page reserved for Consultants by chat in the website where I provide my services to my own records because I know that the website operator does not provide me with copies of the information for my account.

I shall immediately inform the Operator of any Website suspicion of security risks as loss, theft or theft of my username or password. I remain fully and personally liable for any unauthorized use of the Services offered through my account on the sites.

I agree to indemnify website operator that I will not hold responsible for, as well as its officers, directors, affiliates, attorneys, lawyers, associates, agents, employees, and to pay for defense costs for all claim or action of a third party arising out of or related to my conduct, my statements or my actions during my appearances on websites (including www.askato.com) and my promotions and actions by Consultant in chat programs managed by the website operator and / or its affiliates.

The statements contained herein include without limitation any damage or liability that may arise from my comments, recommendations, tips, suggestions, clairvoyance, examples, conclusions or any other statement on my part and any product, service, presented information or materials , purchased or received by users in connection with my Consultant Services by chat or my suggestions.

I indemnify the Website operator and will pay for all defense costs for failure on my part to the terms defined in this Services Agreement.

I accept That WEBSITE OPERATOR Has the right to to apply immediate and permanent suspension or --other penalties to my accounts, both, Chat Host and aussi Member account if found to be Necessary, if I am behaving in an uncooperative and / hostile gold manner toward the support any other team gold member of our Community.

8. Mission

I do not have the right to assign or transfer my contractual position to another person / entity. My username and the password can not be given to third parties or I will be held responsible in accordance with clause 7 of this Services Agreement.

9. Amendments

The website operator may make changes to the present Convention Services but in this case it undertakes to inform me before these changes are valid.

If a modification is unacceptable to you stop your services to the website operator. If you do not stop providing your services, you will be recognized as having accepted the changes.

If I have a question, I can directly contact help@askato.com. I am aware that the terms and conditions (including the regulation on the respect for private life) of the above mentioned web sites can be viewed at any time by visiting the following page: www.askato.com/conditions.

10. End of contract

Each Party may terminate this Convention Services at any time, for any reason, after having notified the other party in writing with a minimum of five (5) working days. The Website Operator may immediately terminate the Services Agreement in case of major violation of one of its clauses by the other party, without any prior notification.

11. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Both parties irrevocably and exclusively dependent on the City of Edinburgh in disputes that may arise in connection with the implementation of this Services Agreement.

This Service Agreement, any issue that may arise, and any dispute arising in reference to what has been said above shall be governed and regulated according to the laws in force in the Edinburgh, despite legal provisions and other provisions required.

12. Review

Any advice, recommendations or notifications of each Party vis-à-vis the other signatory of this will be sent to the following contacts:

ASKATO MEDIA LP,18/2 Royston Mains Street, Edinburgh, EH5 1LB

Service Provider: Contact mentioned in the registration form
I have carefully read the terms and conditions of this Services Agreement and I gave my consent by clicking on the button "I have read, understood and accepted this Services Agreement".