Email Reading for the Week, Please also include your Date of Birth - $30.00 USD

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I am a Gifted Psychic Adviser. My Spirit Guides will Help you in the Right Direction. I can Assist you into Understanding Choices that y ...

* Email Reading for the Week (please schedule 1 to 2 days in Advance),  Please also include your DOB $30.00 USD

* 30 Minute Reading $25.00 USD

*60 Minute Reading $50.00 USD

*90 Minute Reading $75.00 USD

*Single Question $5.00 USD

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The cost of the service
30 USD
size — 2 pages
The deadline — 2 days

* If the service falls within the promotional period, the period of its performance may increase up to 1-2 days

* * To make an order the prior voice consultationis required. it is charged separately (10 min).