General Reading : Love, Career, Family

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Expert's services Tasha

Fast Psychic connection with unbelievable accuracy!

LOVE. Let me channel their thoughts. See where a relationship  is heading and how to resolve conflict and torment.

WORK. Allow me to guide you peacefully through any transitions coming. Show you future rewards and increase your optimism for the path you are on. How does your boss see you in his/her mind?.  How did that interview really go?  Will I get the offer I am looking for?......I have all the answers for you.

FAMILY.  Give me a first name and let me help you with any issues with that family member. I can read their energy and give the reasons behind any conflicts. Let me guide you away from any stress and relieve you of the burdens and the over thinking.

Information needed from You

You will have all the information from this reading within 24 hours. I just need any first names you are inquiring about whether it is for a job, attraction in love or family. Give the name of the company if it is job related.

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