Rocky Relationships

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Hello and welcome my name is Oonagh. My aim is to offer love and guidance wherever possible.

This page is about relationships that are breaking down or are not the best,This is some guidance and spiritual insight if you were to read the page below,I do believe if you are struggling through a rocky relationship and unsure on where to turn this is the page for you,You will get there but in due time patience is important ,take a read of the below article it would be lovley to hear from you soon.

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Hi Welcome to my page

Today I am going to give you some insight and some guidance,on what a truly rocky situation is and how is best to deal with it.

Is my partner cheating on me?

we all have this question dont we?

Some spiritual guidance if you believe your partner is cheating on you first thing you need to do is talk I do believe this happens without the correct communication,



Do we sit there sometimes and think I know the answer so I will not even bother to ask,However you are wrong if you dont no confirm it this way wires will not get crossed you need to focus on what is best in your relationship here for both of you.

Confirmation You and your Partner neeed to give each other the reassurance of how much you love each other at least once a day you need to remind each other,why your together and remain positive and focused.

Thank you for reading it would be lovley to hear from you

The cost of the service 30 USD