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When we are born with our first breath the soul comes in. Many things make us different from each other. At that first moment our soul takes a form and its how that is then that makes us who we are as we go through life. Knowing the basics about our self allows us, helps us get the best from our life.  The sooner we understand who we are and how others see us the sooner we can set ourselves on the best path for us. we all have different paths to follow but we should all follow the ones that make us most happy and help us to become who we are meant to be in this lifetime.

The StarType Strategy report provides in-depth details on your natal StarType, plus sections on your particular talents and also what you need, areas of life where you may fall short. Next, based on your talents and needs, a strategy is outlined making the most of your talents and filling in the blank spots of your needs. Learn how to exchange what you have for what you need or want. Also included is a section on how you approach relationships.

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This is not the same as Astrology in the sense that we do not need time or place of birth. This is looking at the basics of our soul. So just provide first name and birthdate.
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When you s were born, The Sun was Pisces, The Moon was full in Virgo. This is an energy some people will find challenging when the Moon is full. know this is the case will help you in many ways. First it will help you to stop the worry around feeling confused. If you find yourself unable to focus properly when the Moon is full, this could be the reason so there may be no need to worry about other things becoming a problem. It is always best to know why you are feeling the way you are if it is a little negative. The thing about Pisces people is they are sensitive more than other signs.  Needing to understand why you feel this way is important.  You can be a worrier and this can have negative effects if the worry is for no real reason. It can make others feel uncertain about your wishes and feelings towards them.  In a full soul energy reading I will be telling you about the position of the planets that mean the most to you.  not all of them have the same importance so I will concentrate where it matters.  Progressions, transits, and directions all in one report. TimeLine is the most comprehensive forecasting report that incorporates several techniques commonly used by astrologers. The report intelligently weighs and balances different chart factors objectively to produce reports of astounding accuracy. Each month lists the major events in chronological order, showing the day with an interpretation and graphic image of the nature of the event.

The cost of the service 20 USD