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There will always be times when a relationship goes through a down stage. Arguments and fights do happen but they can usually be sorted out in a positive way.
When the conflict is ongoing because of issues with either or both people in the relationship, the conflict can cause such tensions that the relationship gets close to ending because one person feels that they need to walk away. 
If this is the case, then this healing is for you. This healing helps to calm the situation so that both parties can think more clearly about what is happening in the relationship which, in turn, can allow for a clearer way of thinking. It could just be what is needed to save the relationship. 

Information needed from You

When you purchase this healing, pleas send me an email with both of your Names, Dates of Birth and tell me briefly about the situation.

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* * To make an order the prior voice consultationis required. it is charged separately (10 min).

An example of the service provided

Most relationships come to an end because the situation affecting the relationship is not clearly and openly spoken about ! With this healing, we can calm the situation down so that it can then be dealt with in a positive way. It could just SAVE your relationship because once someone has walked away, the situation takes a whole new turn.

This could prevent your partner walking away in the first place !

The cost of the service 375 USD