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Hi. I am mystic C. I am Clairaudient ( I hear Spirit), Clairsentient (I feel Spirit), and to a lesser extent Clairvoyant ( I see Spirit) ...

Based on the ancient science of Numerology.  Using the Numbers in your name and birth date and the numbers in your potential partners name and birth date, I compare the two for potential strengths and pitfalls,  You then can decide if the relationship has  potential to last with little or with hard work.   Can be used for love or business or friendship type relationships.

Information needed from You

For both individuals :

Full Name at birth ***include full Middle name****
Married or changed name
Nick name you go by
Date of birth

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Ceci and D, your Life Path numbers are the most important numbers in your
charts, and, as such, their compatibility is very important to the well-being of your
Yours is a very promising combination, because, strange as it may seem, you
have very little in common - at least in this aspect of the chart. This particular
core number shows D to be strong and driven, competitive, motivated and,
perhaps, a bit bullish and overbearing. Ceci, on the other hand, is by nature more
the "power behind the throne", the person who understands what goes on on a
deeper level. Sensitive, intuitive, insightful and supportive, Ceci will always allow
D room to throw some weight around, without loosing sight of what has to be
done and how to do it. The fact that you don't play a power game has a very
important role in this relationship. Both of you know what you want, know how to
make the other understand, and, thanks to these abilities, you succeed in
complementing each other very well.
Ceci is the peacemaker, D, the driving, ambitious force.

The cost of the service 40 USD