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Hi. I am mystic C. I am Clairaudient ( I hear Spirit), Clairsentient (I feel Spirit), and to a lesser extent Clairvoyant ( I see Spirit) ...

Numerology is the science of numbers, older than the science astrology.  Each letter In your name is assigned a number. and combined in various ways along with your birth date, reveal truths about the nature you were born with.  While it can not account for your environment growing up, it can show how you handle various situations and challenges,  the best career options for you, your strengths and even difficulties faced at different stages of your life.

Information needed from You

Full name at birth **Include full middle name**.
Married name or changed Name
Nick Name you go by
Date of Birth

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Your Life Path is 11/2 
    Ceci, you have the potential to be a source of inspiration and illumination for
people. You possess an inordinate amount of energy and intuition. There is so
much going on in your psyche that you are often misunderstood early in life,
making you shy and withdrawn. You have far more potential than you know.
    You galvanize every situation you enter. You inspire people, but without your
conscious effort. Energy seems to flow through you without your controlling it.
This gives you both power and sometimes emotional turmoil.
    You are a channel for information between the higher and the lower, between
the realm of the archetype and the relative world. Ideas, thoughts, understanding,
and insight -- all of these can come to you without your having to go through a
rational thought process. There seems to be a bridge, or connection, between
your conscious and unconscious realms, attuning you to a high level of intuition
through which even psychic information can flow.
    All of this amounts to a great capacity for invention. Many inventors, artists,
religious leaders, prophets, and leading figures in history have had the 11

The cost of the service 25 USD