Whistle Stop Tour of 7 Major Chakras

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1/ Crown Chakra White or Gold  (trust) 

2/ Third Eye  indigo / deep purple  (brain & eyes & ears)

3/ Throat blue ( neck, jaw, mouth.)       

4/ Heart Green / Pink  (circulation, breasts, lungs, shoulders.)

5/ Solar Plexus Yellow  (sorting and processing)     

6/ Sacral Orange  (pelvis, hips, sex organs.)    7/Root Red (career,finances) 

A central run down/up the middle of the body, bringing in energy.

Chakras are cone shaped energy centres that spin. 

Clockwise for receiving energy and anti clockwise transmitting

Information needed from You

Birth Date
Pen & Paper
A Recording Device e.g your ipad or laptop a recording device is a standard device on most today.
So you can hear my voice etc & of course you can have your webcam as well and then you can recorded it for later date !

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