Intention / Wish / Prayer Candle

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Do you wish of having better luck? Do you have stress / anxiety that you wish was better controlled?  Do you want to have better finances? Do you wish to have better energy to surround you? Do you wish someone else happiness? I believe this Intention Candle will help.

This is an affordable way to place your ONE wish on my altar.

*NOTE*:  This is NOT a spell! This is a safe and affordable way to help reduce any sort of negativity that may surround the person/situation. It is recommended that in order to help keep things smooth, that a new candle should be lit every few weeks.

*Individual results may vary. There is no guarantee of the outcome or how long it may take.

Information needed from You

I will need your NAME and DATE OF BIRTH>Month / Day / Year (example: June 14, 1987). If there are other people involved, I will also need their NAME and DATE OF BIRTH as well.

I will then need your one request in detail.

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The cycle of the year
The cost: 50 USD
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The cost of the service
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* If the service falls within the promotional period, the period of its performance may increase up to 1-2 days

* * To make an order the prior voice consultationis required. it is charged separately (10 min).

An example of the service provided

*EXAMPLE* : I would like an intention candle to be lit for me to help me find a job. It has been months since I have last worked and I am desperate

My name is Mary, December 5, 1965

The cost of the service 6 USD