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Hi!  Tell me what is on your heart.  With one question, please summarize your most pressing concern from love and romance, to career, ...

Yes! I provide long-distance sessions in a very similar format as in-person sessions. First, we will talk to gain a clear understanding of the issues & your goals & often to set intentions. If the energy work is going to be primarily silent, you can choose to turn off your phone & relax & be in a receptive state. When you are in a relaxed state of mind & body & feel ready to receive the energy that is being sent to you, it is common to “feel” the energy, just as you would in person. Once the energy portion is complete, we will speak again. This is where guidance and feedback are given to you.

Information needed from You

Please share if you are having any pain, discomfort, unwanted emotions (anxiety, fear, anger, etc).

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