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Hi!  Tell me what is on your heart.  With one question, please summarize your most pressing concern from love and romance, to career, ...

Close your eyes for one moment and really focus in on your heart space. It is here where you can find out what is weighing most on your heart. Did you know the Angelic Realm is ready and waiting for you to ask them to help you but will not do so unless you actually ask? They will not interfere with your free will.

If you would like intuitive guidance from the Angelic Realm about romance, career, health, finances…just about anything, ask away. 

1 Question: $20 

2 Questions: $40 

3 Questions: $60 

4 Questions: $80 

Full Reading 5 Questions: $100

Information needed from You

Please provide me with your full name and the full name of anyone your inquire about. Thanks.

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