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Let me help you uncover the secrets to Divine timing.  When I tune into your energetic makeup, I can sense when certain energetic factors are going to be coming into play in your life.  If your looking for love or for work, or to launch a new business.  I can help give you time frames that are ideal for these types of activities.  I'll give you things to watch out for, warnings, times in the year when you need to be on guard, or watch out for dishonest people.  If you truly want an overall picture of who you are this year, the lessons and challenges you are working on, and all of the blessings headed your way, then this is definitely the report for you. 

Information needed from You

I will need your day, month, and year you were born. I do not need the time and location because this report is not based upon astrology. It's easiest for me to connect with you via your birthdate.

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The cost of the service
300 USD
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The deadline — 1 day
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An example of the service provided

You just entered a brand new 7 year cycle at this year.  As this year begins I see you being very connected with friends and social media.  There is going to be a lot of communication, especially when it comes to love!  I don't see just one lover in your case, but multiple options are present.  The driving underlying force though this year, seems to be about a younger person (possibly a child) that you are making some sacrifices for and doing your best to support.  I see some indecision and worry about picking the proper partner this year, especially the next 1-2 months.  I see you dating more than one person in this time span.  There is a karmic connection to one or more of these partners from a past life.  There are some debts that need to be paid/repaid.  Be careful of manipulating or controlling other people this year.  You have a charming presence showing up in your life, and if you take advantage of that, there will be a price to be paid.

The cost of the service 300 USD