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I am 4th generation psychic and dream analysis and crystal and herb healer my great great grandmother was brought to Colombia as a sla ...

I am 5th generation healer and dream interpretation . My great great grandmother was brought to Colombia from Africa as a slave but never allowed anyone to take her faith from her and because of her strength her descendants know true healing comes from nature. My grandfather who is a psychic in Colombia married a palm reader from Spain and taught their children everything they knew from Spanish witch craft to Zulu healing , because of this I have been able to heal my spouse from his crippling sciatic nerve and many costumers who have given up on conventional drugs for healing physical and spiritual. 

Information needed from You

For physical healing it is best to know full health issues and family issues and for spiritual healing a open mind is key.
where you were born and where you currently live gives you a certain tag if you may which is very important for me to know.

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When I was a child my mother would take me to many churches Christian churches Buddhist and Hindu temples to show me how she saw God and one day at Church I "fainted" and saw myself pregnant being held from behind with my husband and I found him in New York sitting on a park bench and remembered him from this dream and went up to him without saying anything he said I've meet you in a past life.. We've been together ever since. 

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