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Hi, I'm Constantine, Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Clairvoyant and Spiritual Advisor. For over 15 years I have helped many people giving cla ...

Do you have problems related to love, work, luck, abundance or professional success and you do not know how to seek help? I can advise you with my tarot cards, angel messages, numerology and astrology, I can also give you recommendations on specific situations in your life or partner compatibility, come and test my skills, you won't regret it!

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The deadline — 2 days
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* * To make an order the prior voice consultationis required. it is charged separately (10 min).

An example of the service provided

Will I get success with Marissa? My name is Frank  dob is 1/1/80 and her dob is 2/2/82. I met her a couple of months in a business trip but really I don't know what to do, my feelings and emotions are getting strong towards her, but I'm afraid to loose her, can you advise me?

Hi Frank i hope you’ll find peace, hope and happiness in your life, I’m focusing on your energy and her energy too to find answers to know what is happening between you and her this time.
To do that I'm  pulling my cards as a couple reading to give you a nice overview to help you.
I pulled 3 of cups and the six of swords cards, it means that all your energy is changing and would be a great time to talk with her, why not? If you are missing her so much. I see her trying to change some attitudes and also you’ll see her evolution soon. My friend, is important to consider that you will have a good luck period son and you could enjoy it.
This moment has represented by “the world” and “Ten of Pentacles” cards that they are motivating you to invite her to have a romantic evening, I see her accepting your invitation. To have good luck for this moment, light a red candle to increase the power of passion if you want. (lol).
It’s important to take control of your emotions to win your battle of love “Nine of Swords” card. You'll realize that she will feel more comfortable and more secure with you.
I see three months waiting and waiting, “Three of Wands” card  but finally you’ll see nice results “Wheel of Fortune” card next to the “Emperor” card who represents yourself in a sooner future, in other words, I see you strong and sure.
Dont forget you are blessed by a woman, I’m always seeing a good woman helping you and currently she is giving you good vibes “Nine of Pentacles" Card., She is praying and wishing you protection to avoid evilness in your life “Seven of Swords” card. To recieve her protection I recommend you to light a White candle.
About Marissa, I'm seeing her confused since the past “Two of Swords” card, maybe someone who is not worth it hurt her feelings “The Hunged Man” card, that person went around, but she has nothing to him now. In a few weeks he’ll leave her and stop to bother her.”Eight of Cups” card.
My advice for you is to have clarity what you want with Marissa, to make your dreams come true, some day soon you'll be telling her what you think of it and be so happy together. “The  Lovers and “The Judgement” cards”. Never lose your faith, never give up!

God Bless you always


The cost of the service 22 USD