Power Animal Connection

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Allow me to share with you Wisdoms collected from all of these lives of mine

Experience a guided meditation into your Wild Side! Let Nature show you a new path into improving yourself :)

By understanding the vibration of your soul in different levels, your life would little by little start making more sense. The Animal Master that resonates with your vibration will give you their guidance to learn new ways to approach the difficulties of life.

Understand how they relate to their environment so that you can understand how to relate to YOURS:

  1. *How does the Lioness love?
  2. *How does the Eagle react to an intrusion?
  3. *What kind of Mother is the Wolf?
  4. *How does the Fox overcome his obstacles?

Your Power Animal can change in the course of your life. They change as YOU change, your evolution brings new Masters to come to your aid and to give you some Unconditional Love ;)

Information needed from You

Since this would be a guided meditation, the first five minutes we would talk about your expertise level for me to adapt to your needs. No previous experience necessary. I will guide you according to what we talk in the beginning of our meeting.

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