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Allow me to share with you Wisdoms collected from all of these lives of mine

This is one of my favourite experiences!! 

We would go into a guided meditation to ask the Animal Masters to come forth with an important message for you according to what you are going through in that specific moment in life. We dont need to ask a question, because the Master that shows up knows what he needs to work on you, personally. We can send an intention, but it is the Master Animal who decides to appear and what to do with you ;)

The important question is: Do you trust them? We are usually told to be scared of certain animals and we believe that blindly. There is no Bad or Good in Nature, so for example, I have had experiences where Snakes bite me all over my body: if I was scared, I could dangerously get out of the meditation and disturb my own energy by doing so, but since I trusted Master Snake, I was able to see that their bite was cleansing. The venom they put in my body was to rid me of toxines! It helped me shed my own old skin.

This experience is painless! :D

Information needed from You

Since this would be a guided meditation, the first five minutes we would talk about your expertise level for me to adapt to your needs. No previous experience necessary. I will guide you according to what we talk in the beginning of our meeting.

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In the other hand, I also had a most beautiful experience with Master Butterfly in which I went through the process of being a caterpillar, liquify myself in a cocoon, and come out with shiny wings to go for a flight in the forest with her. This experience taught me about the importance of Transforming ourselves and the surprise of seeing how we turn out. Inner and Outer beauty, trust in the process (since the caterpillar doesn't know she will be a butterfly when the cocoon opens.. she just trusts nature!)

The cost of the service 192.50 USD