Life Between Lives

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Expert's services Dr Calder

The Divine is everywhere. I will use my psychic gifts for your guidance, to help you find what you seek.

Life Between Lives hypnotherapy enables you to learn a great deal about your soul's history as well as your purpose in this current life. Discover your Spirit Guides, why you chose this body, where your talents come from, your soul's purpose on Earth, and your spiritual work in the spirit world. Visit the Council of Wise Beings who can advise you on your soul's progress, visit your primary soul group and discover the link between you and others, understand your personality and present relationships, comprehend the meaning of life goals and challenges, achieve self-discovery and enrich your life. Life Between Lives brings enlightenment, productivity and perspective on all issues of life and death. Exploring the spiritual world through Life Between Lives is a real treat.

Information needed from You

A Past Life Regression is required before delving into Life Between Lives . Several good nights of sleep are crucial for the success of this session. Make sure you visit the restroom before we begin.

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